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GOA72 – Normal Little Boy

Guardians Of Atlanta 72
(Normal Little Boy)

Once there was a boy named Marlynn.
Who was just like you or me.
He played outside, loved to run,
And even to climb trees.
His life was as normal as could be
Except for how he was raised.
He was stolen from his family as a young child.
At only a few months of age.

The woman who stole him,
He called Mother.
And truthfully,
there was no other
That he’d ever view as matriarch.
For though she was old and ugly,
She gave him life’s spark.
She was kind to him in every way.
And she watched him like a hawk.
And the name of the strange woman Marlynn called Mother
Was none other than Blacksquawk.

“How odd a name.” You might be saying.
And you’re right in seeing a glitch.
For the woman Marlynn called Mommy-
Was actually a witch.

She raised him to know all sorts-
Of wicked types of craft.
Unspeakable evils was Marlynn’s school.
That was his family’s path.
But one day a Pastor came by the house
When Blacksquawk wasn’t around.
And Marlynn never heard the word of God before.
And so it quickly began to be found,
That the preacher’s words were a balm to his soul.
He’d never heard such a story.
So the Pastor gave him a copy of the most sacred book.
And Marlynn began to want God’s glory.

He hid the book from Blacksquawk.
But read from it every day.
He’d read instead of doing chores.
And even instead of play.
He read so much that one day,
Blacksquawk could not ignore
The trash and clothes had piled up
On Marlynn’s bedroom floor.

That day was Marlynn’s 16th.
And Blacksquawk was hoping
That they could perform a few spells together.
Instead of him constantly moping.
She came into Marlynn’s room
Without so much as a knock.
And Marlynn threw his Bible under a pillow
And stood trying to hide his shock.

His long and lanky frame trembled.
He was almost seven feet tall.
Yet somehow he still looked up to Blacksquawk.
That little witch who was small.

Blacksquawk: “Reading the spellbook?
That’s a good boy!
We’ll work a new spell today.
It’s been so long since you’ve dabbled in the arts.
So long since we’ve sat down to play.”

Marlynn looked down for he had just read
Exodus 22:18.
Which says you must not let witches live.
And his heart was breaking at the seams.

He was trying to hold back tears
As Blacksquawk seeked to comfort him.

Blacksquawk: “What’s wrong Marlynn? Why are you sad?
Why is your face so grim?”

Marlynn looked back to his pillow and said:

Marlynn: “I need to leave right now.”

Blacksquawk: “Why is it you have to leave?
Marlynn, I can’t allow
You to go for just any reason.
What is the trouble you face?
What have you been reading my son?”

Then she checked the place,
Where the book was hidden,
And before Marlynn could stop her,
Blacksquawk saw the title and
The anger in her eyes was pure.

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