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WWW25 – A Game

World Wide Warrior 25
(A Game)

Braden walked slowly into the room
Where the woman smiled at him brightly.
Her body wound in curves in a glistening red dress,
Her lips turned in smile tightly.

Braden leaned toward her
For what seemed like a kiss.
The woman closed her eyes
And Braden grabbed with his fist,
Shadowlash from his pocket,
Now in the form of a pen.

Braden: “If you know who I am,
You know what this is.
Please don’t make me hurt you, ma’am.

The woman’s eyes opened,
And she looked quite concerned.
She did not want to be hurt.
She did not want to burn.

Braden: “Tell me where my girlfriend is at.
I’m tired of playing games.”

Woman: “All I know, Braden,
Is more of the same.
I’m a pawn in this just like you.
It IS a game.
They’re toying with you-”

Braden: “Who?!?”

Woman: “To test if you’re worthy.
I don’t know who.
Please, believe my story!
They want you to go to this address.”

She handed him a piece of paper.

Woman: “There’s a fight you’re supposed to enter.”

Braden took the paper.

Braden: “Later!”

He stormed out of the room
As quickly as he could.
Dead set on saving Daniella,
And finishing this for good.

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