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SHA15 – The Realest

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 15
(The Realest)

During lunch our heroes sat,
And chatted together as two.
David, Fu, B, and HC
Enjoyed some delicious beef stew.
But Dana and Stan sat a couple tables away
With whispery glances,
Enjoying their day.

David Daniels, with worry, did frown,
As Dana and Stan’s whispers went round and round.

Fu, wise, and keen of sight,
Smiled knowingly, his eyes alight.

Fu: “It’s love, my friends, can’t you see?
A bond that’s formed so beautifully.”

But Captain Majestic, protective and bold,
His heart ached, his worries untold.
He couldn’t bear to see Dana’s heart,
Caught in a trap by love’s jump-start!
She was too young! She had to calm down!
Or soon she’d get married and move to another town!

In a moment of haste, he rose from his chair,
Drawing gazes and concerning stares.
He aimed to halt their conversation, you see,
A noble intention, but oh, how silly was he!

With arms wide open, he stepped between,
Stan and Dana, making a scene.
His actions, though well-intentioned and true,
Were a spectacle, a clumsy pursuit.

Awkwardness descended, a palpable air,
As onlookers exchanged bewildered stares.

Hot Chick, with his fiery spirit ablaze,
Stepped forth, guiding his Captain through this maze.

Hot Chick: “Hey Cap! I need you!
Hero stuff’s afoot!”

David turned and followed
After one glaring look
At the Fire-Man Stan who sought to take
His Dana away, and even babies make!

Hot Chick took a breath
Trying to remain calm-
And distract David-
From all he’d done wrong.

Hot Chick: “Yo, Captain Majestic, our unity is key,
Dana’s a hero, strong, and free.
Trust in her judgment, for she knows her heart,
Stan is genuine, playing his part.
Love finds a way, it cannot be stopped,
So let go of worries, let ’em be dropped.”

Captain Majestic, a mix of concern and doubt,
Sought reassurance, his fears to route.

David: “Hot Chick, can Stan be trusted, I implore,
With Dana’s heart, gulp forevermore?”

Hot Chick, with conviction, met his gaze,
An answer delivered, in forthright ways.

Hot Chick: “Bro, they’re teens,
Calm down two seconds!
This is how love works,
It blossoms in seconds.
Whether or not they remain a thing-
Will take a while to know, But Stan’s a King!
He’s the realest, Captain, a love so pure,
Trust in their friendship, of this I am sure.”

So as an apology (Not spoken aloud)
David bought everyone in his little crowd
A churro, and everyone ignored how odd
His attempts just were at playing God.

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