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GOA80 – Trust

Guardians Of Atlanta 80

As Marlynn’s eyes lingered on Amy,
She screamed and tried to run.
But of course, she couldn’t,
Because to the wall she clung.
Marlynn tip-toed over cautiously
Trying to put her at ease.

Marlynn: “I’m sorry that I scared you, Amy.
But please listen. Please.
I know that looked very dark.
And I know that it was scary.
But you have to trust me. I’m not evil.
You don’t have to be wary.”

Amy shook and looked at him,
Though not in his eyes.

Amy: “You lied to me.”

She said in a whisper,
And then began to cry.
Marlynn sighed, his broken heart-
Breaking again for her.
He turned her face toward his own and said:

Marlynn: “Two things are for sure.
I’m sorry if I lied to you, I never meant to deceive.
And I will do anything to help you.
That much you can believe.”

Amy looked into his eyes,
And slowly nodded her head.

Marlynn: “We’re going to take you to Stone Mountain.
We’ll get answers there instead-
Of being attacked and guessing things about-
Why you are who you are.
But we better start moving,
For hitchhikers, this trip is VERY far.”

Amy fidgeted at the words “Stone Mountain”
As if she didn’t want to go.
Even though many other times,
The words made her heart glow.
She said nothing about it however.
And instead, only looked down.
Marlynn began to loosen her from the goop,

Marlynn: “Come on. 
Let’s get out of this town.”

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