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GOA44 – A Dream Girl

Guardians Of Atlanta 44
(A Dream Girl)

During Bobby Carter’s 21st Summer
In the middle of the season’s tour
Bobby Carter got a whole lot more
That he ever bargained for.
True the ride was smooth as ever,
Across the tracks and towns.
But this Summer something happened
That would forever make him smile and frown.

The show was in Champaign, Illinois.
The crowd was the usual size.
Nothing tipped Bobby off
About his lingering surprise.
He expertly removed 6 stuffed rabbits from his hat,
Increasing in ridiculous style,
Finishing with a rabbit hopping onstage,
But this time, it went a little wild.
Instead of hopping straight to Bobby,
it hopped into the crowd.
A young woman caught it with leap in the air,
And she received applause strong and loud.

“Give it up for the lovely lady!”
Bobby bellowed to his fans.
Then the woman caught his eye,
With unspoken demands.
The smirk across her mocha face,
Suggested a mischief thinly veiled-
As she petted the rabbit with slowly and sweet
And with her eyes told a tale.

Bobby nearly tripped from watching
The meaning in her eyes,
The sweet and subtle motions she had
Had him all mystified.

“I’ll come for the rabbit after the show.”
He said, then continued on.
And after the show was over,
She waited with a smile on.

After the tent had completely cleared,
Except for the rabbit and girl,
Bobby Carter Took a deep breath,
And stepped through the curtain to another world.

Bobby: “Thanks for catching Felix.
He’s been known to be a bit wild.”

Girl: “He must have sensed a kindred spirit.”
She said in a voice that was mild.

Bobby: “Bobby Carter.”
He held out his hand.
“But you knew that already.
Who might you be, Ma’am?”

Girl: “I am a woman enraptured by you,
And the presence you have on that stage.
I am in search of another life-
And just haven’t found my place.
But what you have? It works for me.
I think I’ll try it out.
Oh, and my name is Tamara.
Sorry I left that out.”

The two shared an awkward laugh,
Then looked one-another in the eye.
Bobby had seen many girls like this-
And many of them were sly.
He’d occasionally indulge himself as a “favor to fans.”
But this girl took his breath away.
He warned himself to be careful,
But he couldn’t be careful that day.

They stayed up til’ all hours of the night,
Just talking and carrying on,
Dancing in the light of the moon
Until the train left at dawn.
But Bobby Carter slept way past that,
And awoke with a start, concerned
That Tamara had stayed aboard the train,
He quickly began to turn.
But beside him as the train rumbled on-
Was a simple note and number.
He held it close to his heart,
Smiled, and returned to slumber.

But somewhere in between his dreams,
And his waking state,
The old window in his cabin-
Gave out and opened its gate.
The note was torn from Bobby’s hand,
And floated away in the breeze.
Bobby tried to catch up with it,
But it would not be with ease.
For now he’d have to settle
On memories and the light-
Of the time he spent with Tamara
On that one dream night.

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