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GOA89 – Chill

Guardians Of Atlanta 89

Will’s blade still stuck to Marlynn’s skin,
Back in the bushes and brush.
His yells grew louder and louder,
Though his comrades bid him to hush.

Bobby: “Will! Back off and chill, man!”

William: “Where does your power come from?!”

Marlynn: “I know it was wrong. I had to stop her.”

William: “And you did Amira harm!
She copies peoples’ powers,
And you didn’t tell us before?
Your powers are darkness, evil and wrong!
What else do you know dark deceiver!?
Or I will end you before long!”

Cyrus poured forth rain
to cover the sound of the shouting.

Amira: “William, I’m okay!
There’s no reason to be doubting!”

Marlynn: “No. There is. This much I know.
I deserve to die by his sword.
I’ve caused your sister in Christ to sin.
The Bible says tie neck, millstone, and cord.
And throw me over into the sea.
Where I will meet my fate.”

William: “… That’s not exactly what it says.
But the fact that you read it is great.”

William stood considering his options
And Bobby added once more.

Bobby: “I’m a magician too, Will.
And you never with me made war.”

William: “That’s different Bobby.
You’re an illusionist.
You simply bend the light.
This man has sought evil and found it.”

Marlynn: “And I know it isn’t alright.”

Cyrus put a hand on William’s shoulder,
And a sigh came from his throat.
He sheathed Calvin once again,
And then began to quote.

William: “Repent therefore of this wickedness,
And pray that The Lord, if possible,
Would forgive the intent of your heart this day,
And make you one that is adoptable.”

Marlynn sighed with great relief
as they began to consider,
How to head off Amy at Stone Mountain,
And from the knights deliver-
her from all these things,
and find out exactly why
The Mountain of Stone was so important,
And why it caught her eye.

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