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WWW20 – Rooftops

World Wide Warrior 20

Braden ducked behind a door,
And shot as his pursuers.
Meanwhile, Mukhtar took the Governor
And two of his choice evildoers.

Rayen: “I’m tracking Mukhtar’s movements.
Are you still okay?!”

Braden: “Shootout, but I’m fine, Grandma.
Lock down this freaking place!”

Rayen: “I’m working on the password now.
I have a couple of leads.”

Braden: “Where is Mukhtar taking our man?!”

Rayen: “IT looks like up to the roof!”

Braden stopped shooting a minute,
To feign that he was aloof.
The men pursuing him approached cautiously.
Their guns were trained on Braden’s door
And they turned the corner to look and see.
Braden struck out with a Katana.
Slicing guns away from their hands.
Braden jumped up to his feet,
And like a gazelle ran past both men.
He pursued a path up to the roof.

Rayen: “Lockdown is a go!”

He quickened his pace as all of the doors
Quickly began to close.
Just as he cleared the final door,
Leading up to the roof,
A helicopter was landing and Mukhtar
Was shocked Braden seemed bulletproof.

Braden: “Ballistic Shield Mutatio!”

Braden hid himself behind.
Mukhtar’s men wasted their bullets.
Then Braden thought: “This fight is mine.”

Braden: “Katana, Mutatio! He said once again,
And hamstrung Mukhtar’s men.”

Braden: “Release The Governor, Mukhtar!
I won’t say it again!”

Mukhtar smiled and drew a scimitar.
The two began to fight.
Braden called out: “Halberd, Mutatio!”
And had Mukhtar take to flight.

Back and forth the two did fight,
Braden being taken to task.
Mukhtar dodged and avoided blows
That would leave most on their back.

Finally he released the Governor,
From his hypnotic hold.
The Governor fell on top of the roof,
And Mukhtar jumped up and grabbed hold-
Onto the door of the helicopter,
That had come for him.
Braden took one more swipe with his Halberd,
And sliced the man’s turban on a whim.

Mukhtar silently retreated into
The Helicopter then-
Braden took a deep breath and returned,
To his fallen man.

The Governor groaned and Braden shook his head.

Braden: “That was really stupid, you know.”

He picked the turban up off the roof,
And examined it’s jewel’s eerie glow.
The green and hazel jewel seemed dark.
Like mist flowing over a bog.

Governor: “Who are you? What happened?”

Braden: “Does this give your memory a jog?
You invited Terrorists to your house.”

Governor: “You saved me from their plot!”

Braden: “I was just looking out for my state.”

Governor: “All the same, thanks a lot!
Are you some sort of soldier?
Are you someone to worry for?”

Braden: “I’m nobody, Mr. Governor.
Just a Warrior.”

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