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GOA41 – And The Show Goes On

Guardians Of Atlanta 41
(And The Show Goes On)

A little while later, the police arrived and took Uncle Andy to jail.
The clowns were rounded up, everyone was questioned, and justice did not fail.
Cyrus stuck around to see the rest of the carnival meet.
Fans and carney-folk stayed near the stage to watch Madame Jemima speak.

She stood on the podium, proud and strong
(if a little worse for wear).
She then spoke up in a strong voice.

Jemima: “Let’s bow our heads and say a prayer.
Thank you, God, for saving us all, Your marvelous name we praise.
Help us to decide who should now run this show in James’ place.”

It might have been rude, but a few shouted out, the obvious answer then.
“Jemima!” came a voice. “Jemima!” echoed another, and Jemima said:

The gathering voted quickly, that Jemima would run the show.
Cyrus smiled and began to leave, but the shadow wouldn’t let her go.
He materialized in front of her and revealed himself as Bobby.

Cyrus said: “Did I hit my cues? You know, you didn’t have to be snobby.”

Bobby smiled and said to her: “There’s more that you need to know.
James Rigger and those men are planning something to upset the status quo.”

Cyrus: ”I’ll listen on one condition, Bobby. You give up this stage.
Come with me, you have a person to meet. His name is Mr. H.”

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