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Going World Wide (WWW30) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 53)


Braden enters a secret passage behind the humidor and discovers his grandmother, Rayen, standing with Daniella, who is unconscious and tied up. Braden is surprised by his grandmother’s involvement and confused by the presence of a mannequin wearing an upgraded version of his Warrior suit. Rayen explains that she listened to Braden’s advice about the unsustainable nature of their heroics and enlisted the help of Nick Tracer and his organization, COURAGE. They offer Braden the opportunity to work with them and travel the world, providing him with his new, Nick hands Braden Shadowlash back. After ensuring Daniella’s safety and requesting his grandmother’s presence during his travels, Braden agrees to join their cause. With a newfound sense of purpose, he accepts the role of the World Wide Warrior and embraces his new mission.

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