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GOA106 – The Cavern

Guardians Of Atlanta 106
(The Cavern)

Through the mountain Marlynn stumbled
Pressing through cold and dark.
He clung to the hope of finding Amy.
He lived for that hope’s spark.
He suddenly saw a light ahead,
And he quickened his pace to reach it.
The hall opened up into a large cavern.
Where thirty or more torches were lit.
There were other hallways attached to it,
Going who knew where?
But those barely registered to Marlynn.
For Amy was standing right there.

Marlynn: “Amy!” Marlynn said,
Stepping toward her slowly.
Amy lit the final torch,
And placed it in it’s sconce.
She then turned and smiled at Marlynn,
As the picture of nonchalance.

Marlynn: “Where’ve you been?
Why are you here?”

Amy hugged him and said,

Amy: “Hush now, my dear.
All of this is destiny now.
I know why I’m alive.
This is what I was made to do.
This is my life’s drive.”

Marlynn: “Am I talking to Diana?”

Amy laughed and replied,

Amy: “No, my beautiful Angel.
You have fixed my life.
My path is perfectly clear now.
I am to be the vessel.
For the ancient one, Harbingella.
And I am done with attempts to wrestle
Against all I was created for.”

Marlynn: “Amy, No! Why?!
Do you know who Harbingella even is?!”

Amy: “You obviously do. Tell me how! And don’t lie!”

Marlynn paused for a moment,
As tears filled Amy’s eyes.
Amy: “The only one who’s told me anything,
Is the voice inside my head.
The loud one you call Jezebel.
Her name is Harbingella instead!
While you seek to hide me from all that is dark,
I am alone and an easy mark!”

Marlynn paused before he spoke.

Marlynn: “… Harbingella was a legendary witch
But she is no joke.
She disappeared many years ago.
But her ravaging spans centuries.
She’d skip from one person to another.
By transferring her memories.
It’s a common thing that witches do,
To try and stay alive.”

Amy: “Marlynn, I have to do this.
It’ll be alright.”

Suddenly a rumbling in the caverns
Reared it’s ugly sound.
And all the torches in the room went out,
Amy screamed, and Marlynn fell down.

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