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SHA9 – Crash!

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 9

Through the empty blackness flew
Their makeshift silo flue
Off to fight whatever this menace
In robot-clad armor was up to.

They neared their destination fast
And Captain Majestic realized
What they had forgotten
On their race to the skies.

Coming up into to view
They so a space station.
And they had forgotten brakes
and so in humiliation,
Captain yelled for everyone
To brace themselves tight!
And they crashed through a wall
in the space station
And screamed in terrible fright!

Air rushed out of the station,
Air rushed out of their silo.
But soon some kind of nano-bots
Sealed the station before you could say: “Milo!”

Captain Majestic and team jumped out,
And saw a little man standing by
Lifting a vial of rainbow-colored liquid
Proudly to the sky!

“At last!” The little man yelled
“My greatest work is complete!”
And he chugged the liquid greedily
“Now I can compete!”

Captain Majestic then realized
Something that he had missed.
The man who drank the rainbow liquid,
Was the weedy man with the list.

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