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GOA98 – Hold The Pass

Guardians Of Atlanta 98
(Hold The Pass)

The knights charged over the hill.
Cyrus redirected the hail.
The knights were pelted from every angle
And Amira aided the gale.
Copying Cyrus’ power,
The Blessed Twin rained down as well,
Creating the gathering storm in tandem,
As clouds began to swell.

Bobby tried to concentrate.
But his focus had been shaken loose.
So Layla gave him two butterfly knives
With which to deal out abuse.
Nick called Fortune to their aid
But it’d be a few minutes at least.
There was no more hiding, No more choking people out,
The tension ever increased.

Will was first to lead the clash,
Followed by Layla with scimitar in hand.
After came Bobby with butterfly knives
Then Nick with a sonic cannon.
Spicy was a sight to behold,
His energy peaking with fire.
For he fought the knights with his bare hands
And confidence he inspired.

Nick’s cannon did wonders pushing the knights back,
And they all worked together, holding the small pass.
But numbers grew heavy. More than 10 to 1.
And if Fortune didn’t come soon,
Their hopes would just might be gone.

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