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WOW6 – Jessica Valero & Joshua Slayter Vs. Keri Starr & The Atlantyx

World Of Wrestling
(Jessica Valero & Joshua Slayter Vs. Keri Starr & The Atlantyx)

The Ring announcer bellowed,
The entrance music played,
Wrestlers made their way to the ring.
The crowd would no longer be delayed.
The bell rang out, starting the match,
With Jessica against Keri Starr.
Jessica made some attempts to grapple,
But she didn’t get very far.
And as this match continued on,
The announcers on tv supplied,
Their insight and opinions to the match,
While sitting at ringside.

Jerry Lane Jr.: “Jessica looks a bit rusty
In this early going.”

Lenny The Gewch: “Don’t you worry, JLJ-
Her confidence will be growing!
She had knee surgery! That’s not something
That you just shake off.”

JLJ: “Rothschild has the deck stacked too.”

Lenny nervously coughed.

After a few armdrags from Keri,
Jessica finally got a shot in.
She stepped behind and rolled Keri up,
With a textbook schoolgirl pin.
Keri kicked out at one, but Jess,
Armdragged Keri back down,
Applying pressure to her arm
And making Keri’s confidence drown.
The crowd cheered in response.
And some chanted “Welcome Back!”
As Keri Starr reeled
From Jessica Valero’s attack.
This went on for a minute or two,
Jessica with the upper hand.
Soon Keri became frustrated and tagged in Lil’ Mack.

Mack: “You just think you’re grand!
Bring it on, Supergirl!
Can you catch The Flash?”

Jessica went to spear him in the corner.
He moved, and then she crashed.
Into the ring post her shoulder went,
And she cried out in pain.
She stood back up and got slapped in the face.

Mack: “Woman, this ain’t a game!”

For the next few minutes, Mack toyed with her,
Using speed to avoid her attacks.
Then Jessica got hit by a drive-by kick,
A signature of Lil’ Mack’s.
Mack tagged in BJ Bass,
And they began to double-team.
Focusing on Jessica’s knee,
Was the plan’s overall scheme.
Four minutes they quick-tagged and double teamed her.
While Joshua began to bark.
The crowd began barking as well.
Hoping for a comeback to spark.
There were a few times where Jessica came close,
To Joshua Slayter’s hand.
But the mass of BJ and the quickness of Mack.
Continually thwarted her plan.
But soon Keri began to get jealous,
And told Lil’ Mack to tag her.
Mack turned away and Keri Starr’s
Fury was a blur.
She came in the ring and began slapping Mack,
Who yelled at her angrily.
This was just the distraction Jess needed,
To get out of the ring and free-
The rabid k9 jumping on the apron,
Looking to dish it all out.
She gathered her strength for one last lunge,
And she let The Bigdog out.

Left’s to Mack and rights to BJ,
As Joshua entered the ring.
Keri charged him near the ropes.
As the momentum continued to swing.
Joshua backdropped Keri to the outside,
And Keri was knocked out.
He then hit Mack with a German Suplex.

Joshua: “That’s what it’s all about!!!”

He howled and The crowd
Echoed with more.
But he turned around and saw,
The hands of BJ close around his neck.
And lift up against his jaw.
Josh was lifted high in the air,
And was meant to be brought down.
But he grabbed BJ’s head and hit a ddt,
Turning it completely around.
He pinned BJ aggressively,
But Mack broke up the pin.
Though he quickly wished he hadn’t,
And wished he’d let Josh win.

Joshua grabbed Mack’s left leg,
Without missing a beat.
And Mack scrambled away from the grip
In order to get free.
But when he reached the middle of the ring,
Joshua turned him on his stomach.
Locking him in a step-over toe hold,
Mack’s access to a rope break was cut.
Joshua grabbed Mack’s other leg,
And cranked it toward Mack’s head.
Mack tapped out and had no pride left.
Not one single shred.

Jessica rolled then hobbled into the ring,
And hugged Josh, celebrating the win.

JLJ: The underdogs win way big tonight!
Did we see something special begin?!”

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