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WOW7 – Offers

World Of Wrestling 7

Once backstage, Jessica Valero
Excitedly hugged Josh Slayter.


”That was insane! Exceptional!
You must be on to something greater!”

She winced and touched her tender ribs,
Gauging her internal pain.

Joshua: “Thanks I guess. 
I just did my job.”

Jessica: “Once again,
That was insane!
Do you realize the magnitude of what you just did?
You made a champion tap out!
He had two other champions on the team against you!
Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

Jessica walked with Joshua all the way back,
To the locker room door,
And she made him an offer when they got there,
That might’ve left jaws on the floor.

Jessica: “You know, I’m full time as a wrestler,
But while I’m here I might as well,
Manage you from ringside. 
You interested Bigdog?
You Want your career to swell?!”


”I’m not a huge fan of managers,
And I’m crashing again off the caffeine…”

Jessica: “Okay cool. We’ll table it for now.
Wednesday we’ll plan our schemes.
I know this really cool place in Birmingham,
Near where the house show is.
We’ll meet there, it’ll be my treat,
And we’ll talk about the biz.”

Joshua agreed with a nod,
And headed into the room.
Jessica was giddy like a school girl.
She’d have a protege soon!

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