Guardians Of Atlanta 46
(Project Eclipse)

The man’s fingers played across
The cold and lifeless skin.
Willing and wishing the flesh
Would one day rise again.
The cold and sterile metal room
Was as dark as it was cold,
And the man’s bodyguard stood by the door,
A figure strong and bold.

Red Death: “Things are coming together, Berserk,
All as I’ve foreseen.
Doesn’t that make you happy, my friend?”

Berserk stood quiet and serene.

Then the man’s phone rang in his pocket,
And he answered with no delay.

Red Death: “Tell me Uncle Andy and Phillip
Are already on the way.”

Clipper: “Yes, the situation is remediated
Thanks to Keller and crew.
This frees me up to go back downtown,
And do what I must do.”

Red Death: “Wonderful.” The man then hung up,
And continued to admire the flesh,
Growing ever more confident,
Things would work out for the best.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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