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Deoch Eolais

Summary: Deoch Eolais (Knowledge Fountain) is a bookstore run by Patty Hallett. It is dingy and dusty and very old. Itโ€™s been connected with their family in Ballyshannon for a long time. It is said to have some mysterious secrets. Patty has found a few but is convinced there are many more. There is also a cage for โ€œRare books.โ€ where Patty locks up her brother Ted when he turns werewolf-ish.

Name: Deoch Eolais
Other Aliases: That Creepy Bookstore
Size: 4500 Square feet
Region: Ballyshannon, Ireland
Founded: 1899

Remarkable Traits: Dark and dingy interior, floors lined with old matted green carpet, wooden building with wooden bookshelves, many secrets still hiding.

Inhabited By:
Patty and Ted Hallet
A common meeting place for the Ballyshannon Protectors.

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