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GOA94 – The Ledge

Guardians Of Atlanta 94
(The Ledge)

As the Guardians moved forward,
With Nick, Layla, And Spicy,
The spread of Brock’s knights
Became a bit dicey.
It was hard to move far
Without being seen,
So Bobby thought up a plan
He thought was quite keen.
He used his wand of illusions,
To lay down a fog.
A haze that made it hard to see,
And made the trip a slog.
But it protected the Guardians
And their friends from being found.
And so they pressed upward
Trying not to make a sound.

Along the way the disabled
several key knights.
Choking them out
Or simply knocking out their lights.
But as they went further,
They were eventually discovered.
And the voice of Tyson Holmes
Made William shudder.
Tyson was one of Brock’s
Very closest friends,
And William knew he’d fight
Until a bitter end.
Tyson’s voice cut a swath
through the thick mist,

Tyson: “Show yourselves now
And you might just meet my fist
Instead of Gabriel,
My sword at my hip.”

William moved close,
And with a leg-trip
He knocked Tyson to the ground,
But they suddenly flipped
Over the edge
Of the mountain of Stone.
Amira went to scream,
But her lips were sewn
By the hand of Cyrus
over her mouth.
They rushed to the edge,
and below they saw the bout.
On a lower ledge
The two drew their swords.
There was nearly no room to fight.
Cyrus prayed to the Lord.

Cyrus: “God, please don’t let William
Get killed or detected!”

Knox and Gabriel clashed.
Their light glinted and reflected.

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