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GOA48 – A Rocky Start

Guardians Of Atlanta 48
(A Rocky Start)

A purple mist filled the room as William grabbed his sword Knox.
He stood by the doorway, fully prepared,
 because he had no locks.
He had to protect his dwelling by any and all means.
Then his periphery was invaded by quite an amazing scene.

He turned and looked and saw a young woman.
But only for a short moment.
He thought he saw her with a cowboy hat.
Then the mist became potent.
He saw shapes begin to form
and swirl around in tandem.
And for William’s non-superstitious mind
This was quite hard to fathom.

A Purple misty black shadow
Beckoned William cold and slow.
“William Avery- ” Came a voice he heard.
“Come to me and hear-“

Girl Voice: “Please, Bobby. That barely worked on me.”
Then William struck out in a slashing spree.

The action was quite hard to follow through the purple smoke.
He slashed at the cowgirl furiously as the shadow made a joke.

Purple Shadow: “Wow, you’re quite the easy crowd.
You react exactly how I want.”

Cowgirl: “Stop it Bobby! This isn’t a game!
Quit it with the taunts!”

The shadows ceased and standing there was a cowgirl and a magician.

Cowgirl: “We are friends, William Avery. That is our position.”

William: “Why should I trust you? You broke in here
And trashed a place of God.”

Bobby: “This place was already trashed.
So really, it wasn’t that hard.”

William: “Stand before me sorcerer,
and say that to my face!”

Bobby: “Any day, any time Lancelot.
But here is not the place.”

At that William struck out at the magician
With his longsword Knox.
The sword hit only air and smoke,
This mage was quite a fox!
Laughter permeated the Church
And then, it all began to shake.
And the sound of thunder striking the Church
Made William’s strong legs quake.

Cowgirl: “ENOUGH!” 

The cowgirl shouted
Loudly breaking up the fight.

Cowgirl: “My name is Cyrus Jones, William.
And we’re here to set things right!”

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