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GOA105 – The Way Is Shown

Guardians Of Atlanta 105
(The Way Is Shown)

Confusion gripped the Guardians
As they freaked out over a freakshow.
Yelling, pacing, and trying to figure out,
Just where did Marlynn go?
But finally Amira’s tiny voice got through
All the others’ fear.

Amira: “I put a tracking device on him!”

William: “You did?
! Good! Bring that here!”

Amira brought her smart phone over,
And they all gathered ’round the screen.

Bobby: “Is your phone retarded or something, Mir?
Is says he’s right here between-“

Amira: “I know! Alright?!
It must be malfunctioning or something!
Maybe it’s the way-“

William: “Everyone be quiet!”

William knelt down to pray.
They all grew quiet,
and Cyrus bowed her head too.
William silently prayed,

William: “God, I don’t know what to do.
Please help us Lord.
Show us where to go.”

Cyrus opened her eyes,
And Ezekiel stood aglow.
Right before her very eyes,
Her Guardian Angel pointed down,
And a lightning bolt struck right where he pointed,
And burned Marlynn’s wrapper to the ground.
No one said a word,
But they all rushed to the place,
And Amira looked over the edge,
And into the chasm’s face.

Amira: “There’s a cave right in here, Will!”

Cyrus: “Thank you, Lord.” Cyrus breathed.

Bobby: “Sorry Mir, your phone works fine.”

William: “Guardians, we have a Freakshow to retrieve.”

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