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SHA2 – The Academy

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 2
(The Academy)

SHA, (The Superhero Alliance)
Was a vast corporate entity.
Towering offices all over the world
Working to be the best they could be.
They produced superheros to better the world.
Their humanitarian efforts were vast!
And David Daniels had worked for them-
For what seemed like ages that had past.

His Superhero moniker,
Was Captain Majestic by name.
And he took care of his niece Dana well.
Supporting her drive to hero-fame.
Robogirl is how she was officially known
By the people at SHA.
And many teams had tried to recruit her
Both near and far.
But the only way she could join a team,
Is if they took her guardian too,
And most people looked down on her eccentric uncle-
And weren’t looking for two.

But once David had gotten approval
To form his own team,
They headed down to the academy
To see what might be seen.
The best place to recruit heroes,
Was at the academy.
And as soon as they walked in those hallowed halls,
Amazing things they did see.

Lazers, flight,
and super-speed galore!
Half-men and beast hybrids,
But oh so much more in store!
Empaths, telepaths,
any path you could take!
And -mancers of fire, water,
And sewer-grates!

David: “Hot Momma!” David exclaimed.
“We hit the jackpot, my girl!”

Dana: “This is the most amazing thing-
I’ve seen in the entire world.”

A weedy little man with a clipboard,
Walked up to them and replied:

Weedy Man: “That’s what they all say, madame cyborg.
Please. Do jump for joy.”

His sarcasm fell like a box of led bricks.
Then he poured over his list.

Weedy Man: “What are you names, and why are you here?
I’m sure that you exist.
But I’m not seeing any names listed here-
For recruiting or visiting time.”

David: “I am Captain Majestic!” David beamed
“And your recruits are looking sublime!”

The weedy man wrinkled his nose,
And wiggled his mustache too.

Weedy Man: “I’m afraid you’ll have to come back.
There is no record here of you.”

Captain Majestic paid him no heed.
For someone had caught his eye.
A young man flying and shooting fire.
And a little chick by his side.
I’m not being chauvinistic when I say that.
I mean a literal chick. He or she was breathing fire,
And flapping around very quick.

David: “How much to sign those two to my team?!
They’ve REALLY got what it takes!
Just look at how cool their costumes are!
And how they fly all over the place!”

Weedy Man: “Released students from the academy,
Costs fifteen-thousand per head.”

David: “Hot Momma!” David exclaimed
Looking at the numbers with dread.

Weedy Man: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
You’re disrupting an important class.”

David: “Come on, Dana. It’s time to go.
Maybe something better will come to pass.”

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