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SHA1 – A New Team

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 1
(A New Team)

It was a Tuesday on a week
That would seem normal to most.
A buff-looking, middle-aged hunk of a man,
Walked down the street so proud he could boast.
His swaggering steps echoed his smile,
And the sharp blazer he wore.
He strolled right up to his two-bedroom home,
And nearly ripped off the door.

Man: “Dana, I’m home!” The man exclaimed,
His mountain of a chin in the air.
“And I’ve got news from the board of directors!”

Dana: “What do you have to share?”

A fourteen-year-old girl with long blonde hair,
Began her descent down their stairs.

Dana: “Did you get in trouble for using the copier
To research its effects on your underwear?”

Man: “No! But that sounds like a swell idea!
What I’ve got is ten times more sweet!”

Dana: “Did you finally get me realistic prosthetics
For my gigantic feet?”

Dana pointed down to her immense Robotic legs,
Which helped stabilize her cyborg form.

Dana: “I’ve been dealing with these giant feet,
Since the day I was born.”

When Dana was being taken home from the hospital,
Her family wrecked in a car.
She lost her mother and father there.
So her uncle took care of her.
They patched her up with Cyborg parts
That would grow with her as she aged.
David frowned and simply said:

David: “That isn’t it, I’m afraid.
But I’ve finally been promoted, dear Dana!
I’m going to be the leader of a team!
Instead of a paper-pusher in the office!
Pinch me! It feels like a dream!”

Dana laughed and pinched her uncle.

Dana: “Will I be on your team?”

David: “Why of course, my little Cyborgian niece!
That’d be a bonafide scream!
With your connection to the internet,
And moderately enhanced strength!
Along with my flying powers,
And strength beyond all strength-
We’re the bedrock of this new team!”

Dana: “So what’s the name that you’ve cobbled?”

David: “We’re going to be
The Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble!”

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