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GOA82 – Introduction and Home Life

Guardians Of Atlanta 82
(Introduction And Home Life)

Over the last chapters of this story,
We saw heroes and heroines in fantastic glory.
From Cyrus the Cyclone, to Bobby the Magician.
To William the Knight, and Amira the bless’d twin.
And even Marlynn, the Freakshow’s valor
With all his life’s trials and deathly dark pallor.

But this story is different.
For all these converge.
Upon Stone Mountain, Georgia.
And as foes emerge,
So will more heroes,
Both great and small.
If you haven’t heard the others,
I beg of you all,
To put down this tale
Wherever you may be,
And seek out the others.
For this story you see,
Will not be spending much time
Reminding you of details.
But enough introduction,
Let’s begin this tale.

The Legend of Stone Mountain
Begins in The house of God
Where during his exile,
William’s feet trod.
Now known as The Castelle
It shined bright in the sun.
For Cyrus’ parents had bought it,
And had the whole place redone.
It was the permanent home
Of Amira, Fenris, and Will.
While Bobby roamed about
Seeking fun and thrills.
Cyrus stayed in Alpharetta
With her parents in their home.
But they met together every day
And their friendship had grown.
On this particular day
Amira trained with Will,
While Bobby and Cyrus
Looked for the kill
In a video game
On their big-screen TV.
And for anyone who saw them
It was plain to see
Their familial bonds
served them well.
At home or in the field
It was easy to tell
They complemented each other
In so many ways.
But they had yet to be tested
Like they’d be tested in the coming days.

The doorbell rang,
and Cyrus paused their game.

Bobby: “Hey! You sore loser!
You just got no aim!”

Cyrus: “Bobby, someone’s at the door.”

So Cyrus went over to answer.
She looked at their security camera footage

Bobby: “Whatever, you little prancer.”

Cyrus saw that at the door
stood their old friend Quinton Fenris.
She quickly unlocked and opened the door
And just by Quinton’s presence
She knew that something big was happening.
His wheelchair rolled right in.

Quinton: “Gather everyone together, Cyrus.
We will meet in the Castelle’s den.”

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