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GOA92 – A Pleasant Surprise

Guardians Of Atlanta 92
(A Pleasant Surprise)

The air around that Mountain of Stone
Had grown more and more intense.
The Guardians had now been told to halt,
But what added to the suspense,
Was the fact that they knew not who
Was behind the firm command.
They bristled at the lingering threat
Not knowing if they could withstand.

Three faces popped out of the bushes there.
Two of them they never had doubted.
And the leader of three spoke to them.
In a surprised tone said: “Forget-about-it!”

William: “Nick?” Will asked in stunned amazement,
“What are you doing here?”

Nick: “This is a pretty big priority for Mr. H.
You ain’t lookin’ at no sightseers.”

Amira ran forward and hugged him warmly,
And his companion Layla too.

Nick: “May I introduce my other sidekick,
Spicy Mclain to you.”

Spicy was a well-built man.
With red hair and red beard.
He looked young and healthy,
And in many would definitely inspire fear.
But even as strong as Spicy was,
The Guardians hearts were glad,
To see their friends Nick and Layla
Who since the beginning had
Been a help and strength to their fighting cause.
Giving them whatever was of need.
To help them stand together as a group
And to help them all succeed.

Layla: “It’s so very good to see you all.
We were worried we wouldn’t find you.
Fortune is back in town for now too.
And she’s securing the mountain’s view.
Brock’s knights are strong. But many out of practice.
Her soldiers fight ever so well.
Against Brock’s knights we’ll soon have our footing,
And their tyranny we’ll quell.”

Nick: “But enough of that, your mission was unique.
I only heard part of it.
Please update me where you’re at,”

Cyrus: “You should probably sit.”

William explained how they had found Marlynn
And Amy near the gates of the Park.
How Amy slipped away from them,
When things became quite dark.
And now how they were trying to get her back.
At any cost to them.
And how there was something at the top of the Mountain.
That called to the girl with a voice so grim.

Nick: “Interesting.” Nick admitted to Will.
“Well, you’re the leader of this operation.
We will follow you still.”

William smiled and thought how great,
It was to finally catch a break.
But at the same time he wondered how long,
‘Til Amy the Eclipse was finally gone.
Three persons stronger the group had become.
But something inside him still felt numb.

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