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GOA30 – Obedience

Guardians Of Atlanta 30

(This poem is from the point of view of Brock Townsend)

O’Sally’s was our usual haunt,
Me and Tyson Holmes.
We sat at our usual booth,
In the corner alone.
We ordered our usual drinks
And our usual food,
But after the bombshell our master dropped,
It didn’t feel as good.

Tyson: “William always was aggressive.
But I really wonder why-
He’d just go out and betray us, y’know?
And Master Fenris is a spy?”

I chewed my buffalo wing slowly,
Imagining it in my mind,
But nothing my imagination could cook up,
Could make evil, a man that kind.

Brock: “William always bothered me.
I knew that something was up.
But Fenris was always kind to me.
You’re right. It doesn’t add up.”

Tyson: “Well what are we gonna do?
Who else do you think is involved?”

Before I sassed him for stupid questions,
In walked Master Dodd.

Brock: “I’ve never seen Master Dodd here.”

Tyson: “Yeah, he’s not really one to drink.
Do you think he’s in on it?”

Brock: “Slow your idiot think.
I’m gonna see what he’s up to.
You stay and slow your roll.”

I stood up quietly,
And over to Master Dodd did stroll.

As I approached him from behind,
The thoughts in his head
Seemed to tightly wind.
He fidgeted much,
And started at the door.

Brock: “Master Dodd!”
I clapped his back with a roar.

He turned on me with his eagle eyes,
And looked at me as if I was a spy.

Brock: “I’m sorry! Just…
What are you doing here?”

Master Dodd: “I could ask the same question.”

Brock: “Tyson and I got a beer.
Listen, we’ve concerned.
How deep did William go?
And just how sordid is Fenris also?”

Master Dodd sighed
And seemed somewhat annoyed,
But bid me to sit
With a chuckle of joy.

Master Dodd: “I’m so sorry, Brock.
It’s been too long,
Since we’re had training
One on one.
I’m under much pressure,
And tonight I’m meeting
Men to give the answer
You were just seeking.
There’s little that I
Can speak of right yet,
But if you are obedient,
I promise you that-
As soon as I have the information
You’ll know.”

Brock: “You’re good to me, Master.
My obedience I’ll show.
You have never steered me wrong
Thus far, it’s true.
You have all the obedience
To which you is due.”

Just then through the door,
Walked two shady men,
One with long black hair
And a cane.
The other with short blonde hair
And a suit,
I didn’t trust them,
But Dodd told me to.

With another gesture,
He bid me to go.
I retrieved Tyson
And did so.
If my Master had plans,
I would comply.
Master was truthful,
In him was no lie.

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