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GOA88 – A New Player

Guardians Of Atlanta 88
(A New Player)

Amy trudged up the mountain path.
Hungering for more than just food.
The Knights knew nothing of this steep path.
No one could have understood.
This path was ancient, and only few could see-
The trek that cut up to where Amy thought she’d be free.

The sky seemed undecided, alternating between
Sun and rainbows, All humid with steam.

She knew this was the Cyclone’s way
Of showing how she felt.
And when Amy had finished what she came for
It would look like something else.

The voices swam inside her,
Harmonizing all as one.
“To the top!” They cried.
“To the top! Go! Run!”
She pressed forward knowing not
The danger that lurked by.
The chief of which was a reliable man
Who sat in bushes to spy.
Clipper, Red Death’s right hand man,
Pulled out a recording device.
He put the mic to his lips and whispered.

Clipper: “Well well, isn’t this nice?
The Knights we pay have no clue at all.
Red Death will see their incompetence
And when I capture the vessel myself,
I’ll have all his confidence.”

But just then up the mountain zipped,
Bristlesmoke in flight.
Amy turned around and screamed,
As Bristlesmoke began to fight.

Clipper: “Well it seems we have a new player.”

He said while pocketing his recorder.
He pulled out his silenced 9 millimeter,
And aimed to follow orders.

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