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WWW19 – Watch out, here I come!

World Wide Warrior 19
(Watch Out, Here I come!)

Up the side of the building Braden went,
Trying hard to stay out of sight.
His focus narrowed to the here and now
With preparation for fight or flight.
Once up upon the fire escape,
Braden took out a few of his tools.
He waited for Rayen’s signal in his ear.
He wasn’t about to be a fool.
Rayen gave the signal to him
The alarm had been remotely shut off.
So he cut the glass with his tool
and entered through the window, Into a bedroom loft.

Through the hallway and up through a vent
And then down a back stairwell.
Braden silently snaked through the building
Always moving, never stopping.
There was no safe place to dwell.
Following all of Rayen’s instructions,
Braden finally arrived
At the room where he would carry out his mission
And here is what he heard inside.

Man 1: “It seems that we have an accord then?
I’ll provide this hypnotism for you?
You do realize this is no ordinary session.
Do you, Governor? Do you?”

Governor: “You’ve explained it fairly well, Mukhtar.
I think I’m ready for this.
In fact, a relaxing session with you,
Sounds like total bliss.”

Braden whispered into his mic,

Braden: “Starmother, are you getting that?”

Rayen: “Streaming it now. Keep silent, Nahuel.”

Braden obediently kept his tone flat.
A few moments later, Mukhtar Imran
Had the Governor under his spell-
Using some incense and writings on the floor,
And humming in eerie swells.
At last his task was completed
And he spoke to The Governor then.

Mukhtar: “You will follow my every order.
Stand up and then bow to me, man.”

The Governor did just as Mukhtar said.
He stood up, and then bowed himself low.
Mukhtar’s men began to laugh.
Mukhtar bid them silence, though.
Rayen: “That’s enough, Nahuel.
Move out quickly now.
I’ll initiate lockdown-
When you’re safe and sound.”

Braden began to move away,
But Mukhtar looked his way.
Braden had made no noise.
No noticeable movement or delay.
Regardless, Braden turned to run,
Mukhtar’s men hot on his heels.

Braden: “Lockdown would be great right now, grandma!”

Rayen: “I didn’t know about this seal!”

Braden: “What the heck are you talking about!?”

Rayen: “There’s another password I don’t have!”

Braden ran out of places to run,
And took out Shadowlash.

Braden: “Handgun, Mutatio!” Braden exclaimed
His tomahawk morphing into a gun.

Rayen: “Braden!” Rayen screamed in his ear.

Braden: “Watch out. Here I come.”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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