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ITR19 – Punch! Zoom!

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 19
(Punch! Zoom!)

Everyone sat on the bridge
Of The Magnus Canis
Everyone except for The Gryvian troop,
Who’s night had gone amiss.
Amanda paced as Dex readied controls,
And everyone else strapped in.
Dex was almost through his procedures,
So Amanda decided to begin.

Amanda: “Thank you all for your quick work.
And for your cooperation here.
Our plan is about to go down in a few seconds.
And we’ll go deliver the 320 sphere.
Thank you Coolidge for decrypting that info,
And for letting us blow up your pad.”

Coolidge: I hope the Gryves choke on the idea
Of what they almost had!”

Amanda: “Once we get free of this place, Coolidge,
We’ll drop you off at Diner South.”

Dex: “Shut up! We’re ready ladies!
Stop flapping your stupid mouths!”

They all strapped in,
And Blayze said a prayer,
Hoping they’d make it through,
The darkness that lay there.
The shields were set
On full in the rear,
Even using power
From the 320 sphere.
Dex hit the button,
And the explosives blew.
Their cloaking device activated
And the explosion propelled the crew.
They flew past The Gryvian warships
Like they weren’t even there,
And as soon as Dex regained control,
They celebrated with swagger and flair.
Amanda: “Set a course for Diner South!
And then set one for Terra!
I bet our Gryvian Troop and Info
Is valuable to Seretary Rivera!”

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