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GOA25 – Lies

Guardians Of Atlanta 25

Many things happened in the next few days.
Many things happened as deception was ablaze
Immediately following William’s escape,
Fortune wounded her arm with her own blade.
She did it to give herself an alibi.
For who knew who was telling lies?

When she was discovered by the others
They took her and Fenris back-
To the medical bay at their Church
And Fortune wondered at the lack-
Of concern regarding Fenris’s state-
Unconscious, he stared at the sky,
Dodd prayed for them on the way back-
But who knew who was telling lies?

Dodd did not blame Fortune for her injury.
But after she was mended, he asked her to see-
That Fenris be taken to a warehouse that he owned.
And except for nursing from Fortune, he was to be left alone.
He’d be monitored remotely, and cared for til he woke,
Then be incarcerated for crimes of which Dodd spoke.
Dodd then told Fortune that Fenris was a spy.
But who knew who was telling lies?

In the warehouse, Fortune prayed and sang hymns
And would read to Fenris whenever she came in.
She wanted so desperately to help him escape.
But she did not know the diplomacy landscape.
Should she trust Dodd or Fenris? They both seeemed so wise.
And who knew who was telling lies?

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