Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 18
(Ice Cream Scream)

The shadow crashed through the windows.
The people screamed and ran
As Chocolate syrup spread across the floor
And sprinkles as big as soda cans.
As light began to pour in-
The people stared up and saw-
A giant ice cream abomination
Around 100 feet tall!

Captain Majestic raised his voice
And yelled out mightily.

Captain Majestic: “Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble!
Everyone! Rally to me!”

He took off like a lightning strike
Directly at the beast.
Fire Man and Hot Chick exchanged glances
And didn’t want to be least.
They took off and added fire-
To Captain Majestic’s speed.
But just as they did the monster reached out
And grabbed Judge Hemingway’s sleeve.

The beast’s hands were made of waffle-cone
But thick as an exterior door.
Judge Hemingway screamed and struggled
And was terrified to his core.
Fire Man flew right under him-
And held his hands to catch-
While Hot Chick flew closer to the hand-
And with tongue-in-cheek expressed:

Hot Chick: “It’s a good thing I had that meatball sub!”

Then his heartburn raged.
He belched forth a sonic burp
With flames leaping forth in a blaze.
The fire lasted as long as the burp.
Much longer than any burp should.
And the monster began to melt
And Ice-cream soup and waffle-fire-wood.
Fire Man caught the judge-
And joined the rest of the team.
Trying to keep everyone calm-
And keep them from drowning in cream!

The monster painted the street shades-
Of white and brown and pink.
And Behemoth Jr. licked him lips
As he began to think:

B: “MMM I love Ice Cream Soup!”

And he began cleanup.

Captain Majestic took his seat sweetly.

CM: “Judge Hemingway, I believe you’re up!”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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