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ITR26 – Mason

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 26

James: “What in the hell did you just do?!”

James dropped to his knees and checked,
For a pulse or any sign of life,
Coming from Pandora’s neck.

Unknown voice: “I didn’t plan on anyone else getting hurt.
But I guess you didn’t teach me well.
Selective nerve gas was your artform,
For me, it’s just a spell.”

James: “Mason? Why on earth are you here?
Have you been tracking me down?”

Mason: “After what you did to my family?
You’re lucky I haven’t put you in the ground.
Thanks to your shoddy medical training,
And giving me the wrong stuff,
My entire family died, James Washington!
And now you and your crew are stuck.
That girl there? Her blood’s on your hands!
Just like my family!
You train a guy in five minutes to save them,
And rush off because of police!?”

James: “Mason, come on man! Put the gun down!
I had no stinkin’ choice!”

Mason: “Because of you and your quote ‘heroism’,
I’ll never hear my baby boy’s voice!”

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