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CTW8 – Werewolf On The Loose

Craic In The World 8
(Werewolf On The Loose)

But when Jayshawn got to the front door,
He looked out and saw a sight.
A snarling, hairy, wolf-man-beast,
Making everyone run in fright.

Patty came running,

Patty: “Ted Got out!
We have to capture him now!
Before he hurts anyone else!”

Cumina: “Or hurts himself somehow.”

Patty looked pleadingly at Cumina,
Who now looked very annoyed.

Cumina: “More help cleaning up your mess?
I am overjoyed.”

The elf took off her apron,

Cumina: “To me, a debt you owe!
Just give me a second to get my armor,
My quiver, and my bow.”

Cumina scampered off,
And Patty looked out concerned.
She looked up to Jayshawn who looked petrified.

Patty: “If there’s one thing you must have learned,
From your grandma, it’s to step up and assist.
I need your help now, Protector Jayshawn.
Things might be at their bleakest.”

Patty pointed and Jayshawn looked,
And he saw Zoe Wallace being attacked.
She had climbed up to an awning above a shop,
But the werewolf would not move back.

Patty: “If she is killed, this world will collapse,
And beauty will be forever gone.
Please help us Protector Grogan, sir.
Please help us, brave Jayshawn!”

Jayshawn: “Look, just stop it. You’re so dramatic,
I’ll help save whoever I can.
But we’re waiting for Cumina to get back.
She’s the one with the plan.
She’s also got some arrows too,
If she wasn’t talking in metaphor.
Just chill with me, he hasn’t seen us.
Just chill for a few minutes more.”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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