VP1 – The Song of Light and Shadow

(Inspired by JRR Tolkien’s Song of Durin)

In ancient days before the flood
There were just two great sons of God.
The lady Eve, the man Adam
Who walked with God and kept the land.
The serpent came to tempt and try
And in Adam fell you and I.
Our eldest father ate the fruit
And thus began a vain pursuit
Of rebels in a world of sin
And a great struggle found within.

But the good God, he heard their cry
And he would send a man to fight
And crush the serpent’s scaly head
And save his people from the dead.
And from the woman’s righteous seed
Would come the one to do this deed.
And he would reign forevermore
And put all things to right once more.
But many years of suffering came,
Seeming unending woe and pain.

Through many ages many times
Through many heroes, many signs
God proved His love would never end,
Time time and time and time again.
Through repetition he did teach,
A faith through faithful work and speech.
That The Great Hero soon would come
And put to right all of the wrong.
But still they did not see the one
Who still had yet to finally come.

And then he came, born in a stall
The one to save, The Lord of all,
With hands he worked, with words he spoke
And to the great he was a joke.
He knelt beside his broken hearts
Yes giving hope was his great art.
Though few beyond the veil could see
The spotless lamb of God was He.
Great suffering came and then he died,
Upon a cross, nowhere to hide.

But then a most peculiar thing
The work of death began to ring
No longer silent, turned to life
Our hero rose above the strife.
In spite of epochs filled with sin
No grave could hold our hero in.
He rose up to His Father’s side,
And sits in halls of endless light
And He will come again to reap
All of His folk who lay in sleep.

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