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ITR51 – No Escape

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 51
(No Escape)

The Gryvian ships docked in an instant,
Everyone panicked and ran.
The Federation were outnumbered ten to one,
And this was beyond out of their hands.
Amanda jumped up from her chair,
And strolled back into the foyer.
She pick-pocketed a voice-magnifier,
From a troop named Sawyer,

Amanda: “Listen up, Magnus Canis personnel!
Everyone to the ship!”

James came running by and punched out a Gryvian.

James: “Wow, Amanda! You think quick!
Did you think we’re that dense?
That we wouldn’t try to leave?”

Amanda: “You’re the one getting into a fight!”

James smiled.

James: “Please!”

James grabbed a gun and cleared a path,
Amanda stuck close behind.
They found Dex cramer in the middle of the chaos,
Trying his best not to whine-
On the bottom of a pile of Gryvian bodies,
They pulled him out and he huffed.

Dex: “I saw Blayze and Pandora go that way!”

He pointed to an area that was rough.
The heat of the battle was now blocking their way,
And they barely had room to move.

Amanda: “We’re not leaving without them!”

James: “Your father would smile and approve.
But it’s the wild west right now!
We’ve got to get up and go!”

Just then a stun-blast brought James down,
And Amanda and Dex joined his show
Of laying on the ground, writhing in pain,
As the three were all dragged away.

There was no escape for our plucky crew.
At least, not this day.

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