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CTW10 – The Protectors Reform

Craic In The World 10
(The Protectors Reform)

When all was said, and all was done,
They sat together. Their battle was won.
Patty filled Ted in as much as she could.
Then Zoe told stories of evil and good.

She told them of the event that was set off in time,
And how Earth and Otherworld continue to unwind.
She told them of the conduits, who them bound together,
And the ancient plan for how. Jayshawn thought she was clever.
Then she told them all about, her woes and of her mirth,
To be the last living conduit, on the planet earth…

At this revelation, the table went silent with dread.

Jayshawn: “Are you saying without you, we would all be dead?”

Zoe: “Not quite dead, but you’d be lifeless.
This world continues to slow-
All wondrous and fantastic activity-
That allows this world to grow.
If it’s bond with Otherworld
Is severed for a moment,
All beauty and joy would cease to exist,
And a similar fate would be reckoned-
To the people of Otherworld.
They’d be more like abstract thoughts.
Floating around with no concrete form,
I guess you can connect the dots.”

Patty: “You need help right away!
And we’ll be there for you!
I say we make Jayshawn the leader!
All who think it’s cool?”

Jayshawn: “What??”

Everyone raised their hand in a moment.
Jayshawn looked around and sighed.

Jayshawn: “This isn’t something I should be scared of.
In fact, I take some pride.
We’re the last protectors on Earth?
We’ll protect Zoe to the death.
I’ve accepted that this is the reason-
Why God gave me breath.”

And so The Conduit had her Protectors.
But safe would she always be?
There’s many-a-thing in Ballyshannon,
I suppose we’ll read on and see!

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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