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Stop This Crazy! (WWW21) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 44)


As Braden and Rayen delve deeper into their investigation of Mukhtar Imran, the duo faces physical confrontations and embarks on nightly patrols, rescuing victims from various crimes. With each passing day, Braden’s role as the Warrior of California becomes more impactful, bringing hope and inspiration to the city. However, after a particularly exhausting night, Braden longs for a break, yearning for a moment of respite. Rayen insists that he is a beacon of hope for Los Angeles, but also encourages him to attend his girlfriend Daniella’s birthday party, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. As Braden drifts off to sleep on the couch, Rayen sips her tea, reflecting on the positive change her grandson has brought to the state.

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