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WWW18 – Time To Go To Work

World Wide Warrior 18
(Time To Go To Work)

In an alleyway by a ritzy hotel,
Braden Silversmith skulked.
He wore dark clothes to conceal himself,
And his trepidations came in bulk.
In his ear, a tiny speaker
Spoke Rayen’s commands.

Rayen: “Alright, Nahuel, One more time-
Let’s go over the plan.”

Braden prepared to check things off,
As his grandmother spoke.
He no longer doubted his purpose or mission.
This was no longer a joke.

Rayen: “Action-Cam is set on your headgear?”

Braden Replied “Check.”

Rayen: “Good. You’ll use that to capture,
And I’ll stream it from my deck.
Just make sure to get footage
Of this hypno-session.”

Braden: “Got it. What’s next on the list?”

Rayen: “We will stop their progression.
I’ll initiate lockdown,
With a code I’ve acquired.”

Braden: “I don’t even want to ask.”

Rayen: “Trust me, the feat was inspired.
You pull the Governor out of there,
And hide away with him.
Mukhtar and his men should be trapped,
And the police can handle the rest of this grim-
Fairy tale of intrigue, espionage and harm.”

Braden: “That was a bit dramatic.”

Rayen: “I’ve disabled the alarm.”

Braden pulled his mask and hood on,
And turned on the action cam.

Braden: “Time to go to work.”

Rayen: “One more thing, my little man.
Do you have shadowlash with you?”

Braden pawed at the pocket-knife copy in his pocket and replied:

Braden: “Grandma, I surely do.”

With that, Rayen said a silent prayer,
And Braden began to climb,
Up the fire escape on the side building,
To stop Mukhtar in time.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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