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ITR49 – Secret Psyche

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 49
(Secret Psyche)

Jarvis: “So I’ve got a vampiric junkie-
A med school flunkie,
And what might you two be?”

Jarvis got up and paced the room.

Jarvis: “I dare you to surprise me.


Pandora and Blayze stared at the officer-
No intent toward revealing their lives.

Jarvis: “By the look of you both, from The Sylvani Trace.
Am I getting that right?”

Blayze’s began to clench his fists,
And to tighten his jaw.
Jarvis: “There is all kind of amnesty for Sylvani fighters.
You have nothing to fear at all.”

Blayze: “Your people decimated my home world,
and took things most precious from me.”

Jarvis: “So you were a Sylvani Soldier!
Now I begin to see.”

Jarvis smiled wickedly,
and Pandora began to twitch.
Jarvis: “And who is your friend, soldier?
Why so quiet as this?”

Pandora looked at Blayze with worry.
Then Blayze smiled and said-

Blayze: “You won’t find anything on her or me.
To your databases, we are dead.”

Jarvis chuckled at Blayze’s tone.

Jarvis: “What makes you so sure?
The Federation has comprehensive censuses
And you escaped that with her?”

Blayze just stared at Jarvis-
Not budging an inch.
Jarvis grabbed a nearby device
And scanned their faces in a pinch.
As he looked over the data,
Blayze just sat and smiled.

Jarvis: “No doubt you hacked the system.
You have my curiosity riled.”

Blayze: “You think a federally funded system
Would have no cracks or chinks?”

Jarvis: “The hacking doesn’t impress me much.
But this is what I think.
I think you aren’t telling me something
A lot more than names titles.
I think you’re not telling me
Why she’s missing vitals.”

Jarvis turned his scanner around,
And it showed more than Blayze expected.
Not only had it scanned their faces,
Their vitals it detected.
Blayze’s heart rate visibly shot up,
As did his brain activity.
But Pandora’s inner temperature was cold,
Though her heart was beating clearly.
And where synapses of Blayze’s brilliant brain
Were firing magnificent hues.
Pandora’s brain sat cold and black
Showing no movement in view.

Jarvis: “Is she a vampiric android?”

Blayze’s blood ran cold
Pandora’s skin opened and hundreds of blades
Began to quickly unfold.
Blayze sighed and held her back
With a simple code word aloud.

Blayze: “Psyche, Stop.” The words tumbled out,
And Pandora’s head bowed.

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