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ITR29 – What Doctors Fear Most

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 29
(What Doctors Fear Most)

Into the galley they went.
Pandora with James in tow.
Mason had turned all the lights off.
So in darkness they did go.
James switched on his gun’s headlamp.
And swept around the room.
And the light jittered nervously-
Due to James’ hands and the gloom.

Suddenly his light glinted,
On another gun.
And a shot rang out immediately.
Before anyone could say to run.
The shot hit Pandora again,
This time in her back.
And she went down with a static-y sound.
Something human she lacked.
But James could not pay attention.
The gun was pointed at him.
And he pointed his gun at Mason.
Who sported a twitchy grin.

Mason: “That one right there,
Just refuses to die.”

James: “This is a stalemate, Mason.
Put down the gun and fly.”

Mason stared at James,
For what felt like forever.
Then he did something drastic
That James thought he would never.
Mason turned the gun on himself,
With a sneer in his gaze.

Mason: “What does a doctor fear the most?
But death on a patient’s face?”

James: “No!” James yelled. But it was too late.
The bullet did it’s job.
And for several moments after the fact,
Everything seemed to stop.
Then James came to his senses,
And remembered Pandora’s plight.
She stuttered and stood up on her feet.

James: “Something about you ain’t right.”

Pandora: ” Tired tt-tired.”
She said again and again.

James: “Lets get you to the med bay,
My ridiculously resilient friend.”

Pandora: “NO!” Pandora screamed,
And backed away in fright.

Pandora: “Only Blayze can stitch my wounds!
You doing it wouldn’t be right!”

James tried to speak to her,
But she ran to the AI closet.
She locked herself inside there,

James: “Girl, come out! You lost it!!”

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