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ITR4 – Orientation

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 4

As Pandora slept, a visual menu appeared.
Every time she slept, this menu interfered.
Oh how she’d love to get some real sleep!
But tonight she felt the need to do a sweep.

She went through her systems and found some video 
Embedded in her firmware drive ‘Prime.’
And so she decided to watch one now
Just to pass the time.
She found this weird for any human to have 
Menu systems and decks.
But people always told her this was just a result
of working too hard on tech.

The video started as she pondered again
Her weakness and memory decks.
And the menu screen in large letters read:
“Please have your stylus ready for the test.”
As the menu transitioned to a video screen,
A Narrator began-

Narrator: “Act One, and Scene.
ITR and the Galactic Rangers.
What your responsibility is.
ITR is a dangerous profession,
Remember this for the quiz.
The Galactic Republican Federation is
The only hope against a rogue tech wiz.
When technology has run its course after it’s created.
It’s time to throw away all that is outdated.
If we do not, our society could crumble.
You, Galactic Rangers, must not bumble!”

The scene changed from a man in a suit,
To a scene with an ITR tech.
He looked similar to Blayze with shorts and goggles,
But a tattoo on the back of his neck.
He was repairing a combustion engine,
Something Pandora had done a lot.

Narrator: “Witness the lowly ITR tech.
And witness his simple plot.
He fixes a tractor for a farmer in need.
But later the tractor explodes.
If the farmer was simply willing to upgrade,
This tragedy wouldn’t be so.
Combustion engines were useful in the past.
But now they put us in danger.
And this is the sacred duty,
Of a Galactic Ranger.
To keep people safe from hazardous techs.
But there are other reasons,
Rangers risk their necks.”

The scene changed once again,
To an actor in purple attire.
Royal-looking tresses, 
Accented by a large choir.

Narrator: “Think of Emperor Gryve.
The GRF’s sworn enemy.
Many people use his tech.
But they are sordid. can’t you see?
Vampiric technology is his main form of fuel.
Draining blood from a human or animal
No it isn’t cool!”

The “Emperor” grabbed a lackey and strapped him into the machine.
And a second later, after a switch was thrown,
The lackey began to scream.

Narrator: “Vampiric tech is evil.
As evil as evil can be.
The sanctity of human life demands 
That we must agree
On confiscating all vampiric tech promptly.
And any other tech that is against the greater GFR family.
You on every level, can be a game changer.
This is your duty as a Galactic Ranger.”

The video shut off in Pandora’s mind,
And she stared at the menu.
Knowing nothing about her muscle tissue
Being wire instead of sinew.

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