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ITR43 – Deja_Vu.exe

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 43

Pandora and Dex had the simple task,
Of disabling the museum’s OS.
Pandora worked on disabling the code,
That kept them from progress.
Dex, meanwhile, prepped the new-
OS on some disks,

Dex: “I love cakewalk jobs like this.
I wish more of these did exist.”

Pandora: “There used to be a lot of this work
Out in the Sylvani Trace.”

Dex: “That’s why The Government
Tore through that section of space.
That war was more like a massacre.”

Pandora: “Hey! I’m from that place!”

Dex: “Sorry. I was just stating facts.
You’re okay, Pandora, right?”

Just then Pandora froze in her expression
In a way that gave Dex a fright.

Pandora: “Systems recovering… Memories.
I don’t know how to… run.”

Dex: “Having problems with the code?
I can help with that, hun.”

Pandora: “Determining system requirements…
Would you like to run on raw hardware?”

Dex: “Isn’t that what we’re doing, Pandora?”

Then there came a sudden flare
Of Pandora’s voice, screaming like mad
As she threw herself to the floor.
She scrambled up a wall next to Dex
And flung herself at the door.
Clawing at her skin like a person on fire,
She was completely out of control.
And everyone came running into the room,
For they heard Pandora’s soul.

A few seconds after the screaming began,
A silent alarm had been tripped.
No matter how many alarms they turned off,
This one did persist.
It notified the Authorities of
Intruding criminals inside
The walls of Jintros Cultural Museum,
And soon, there was no place to hide.

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