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ITR32 – Eyes Open

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 32
(Eyes Open)

The crash was deafening.
But Dex managed it to be,
Relatively painless
And injury free.
Wendall came on screen
And began to explain
How their ship was damaged,
And it was pouring rain.
The Asteroid they landed on
Was simply called Tarmish.
A tiny, little, insignificant, moon
 full of tar pits.

This special magnetically super-charged tar
Was used for
 patching machines, in peace and in war.

And even though Tarmish
was very very small
The gravity there was a lot
Earth or Limball.

The tar created a wonder,
Unique in space.
Where gravity was fixed
To whatever case
Was needed based on magnets,
And whoever controlled them.
So farmers could make gravity
Whenever they wanted on a whim.

Dex’s family farmed the tar
And sold it to make
Their little homestead on Tarmish
Comfortable and great.
And as the crew stepped out of the ship
They saw coming to greet them,
Dex Cramer’s parents on tractors.
Mother Hyra, and her husband Jem.

But before Blayze could join the others,
With greeting Dex’s parents outside,
Amanda grabbed him by the sleeve,
And pulled him to one side.

Amanda: “I need you to keep an eye on Dex.
He’s hiding something from me.”

Blayze: “Maybe he was just homesick.
Maybe he wants food for free.”

Amanda: “No. Something is strange with him.
Just keep your eyes out.
Let me know if you see anything weird,
Or can tell what it’s all about.”

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