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WWW15 – Private Citizens

World Wide Warrior 15
(Private Citizens)

Police Officer: “I’m sorry Mrs. Silversmith,
There’s nothing I can do.”

The Police Officer impatiently stood up.

Rayen: “You are being a fool!
Do you not hear what these men said?”

Police Officer: “I heard it all perfectly well.
But we do not know who these men were,
And this will be an incredibly hard sell-
To The Governor’s office, he’s dealt with Syria
Long before this went down.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.
I have to meet a patrol officer downtown.”

The Policeman left his corner office,
And Rayen began to seethe.

Rayen: “What kind of idiots are these men?”

Braden: “Please, Grandma, please.
Just relax for a minute.”

Rayen gut up in a huff.
She stormed out of the Police Station to their car,

Rayen: “I have had enough!”

Braden: “Grandma, there’s nothing we can do!”

Rayen sat herself down in their car.
Braden got in the driver’s seat,
And they hadn’t gone very far-
When Rayen said:

Rayen: “This story isn’t complete.
There is something we can do, Braden.
Though there is a risk.”

Braden: “But we don’t even know when they’ll attack.”

Rayen shook her head.

Rayen: “Tisk tisk…
We do know when they will attack Braden.
There’s a date on the letter Chris sent.
It’s the date of the Governor’s flag-day parade.”

Braden: “You don’t think they’re bent-
On hypnotizing the Governor before the parade,
And having him give a speech.”

Rayen: “I believe it’s up to us to investigate.
And I don’t doubt it in the least.
Braden, this is a moment where we must act
As Private citizens of our land.”

Braden: “… I agree. I’m with you.
Now, let’s come up with a plan.”

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