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ITR18 – Pieces Fall

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 18
(Pieces Fall)

Amanda stared for a moment,
Confused as she could be.
But there was not an ounce of time.
She had to set them free!
She pushed past Pandora and entered the code
To grant selective lockdown.
Pandora looked on, feeling dejected.
With a sad and confused frown.

Pandora: “Sure, I’ve been working for a while
And you just fix it like that?”

Amanda: “Coolidge gave me a code.
Don’t pout, you brat!”

With Pandora’s help,
They had their exit route unlocked.
Dex came up and studied the troop
He reached down and felt a shock.

Dex: “Whoa! He’s got a cloaker!”

Amanda: “Can we strap it to the ship?”

Dex: “Give me two minutes
And we’ll give them the slip!”

Amanda pulled her communicator out,
And called for James and Blayze.
It was time to put their plan into action.
It was time to escape.

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