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GOA65 – Is This Home?

Guardians Of Atlanta 65
(Is This Home?)

Upon arriving at the Mayor’s house,
It was dark and very late.
Yet still the wonderful lay of his mansion
Seemed infinitely great.
Amira marveled at all she saw there
The fanciest of fancy things.
Antique furniture, Golden picture frames,
This was a place for kings!
A maid helped her get some clothes on,
And get herself to bed.
But Amira just couldn’t go to sleep,
So she woke up and wandered instead.

After a few rooms, she came to a living space.
Mayor Jackson sat in a chair.
It’s high-back hid him from her immediate view,
But she knew by the smoke that was there,
He was sitting and enjoying a late night cigar.
One of his favorite things.
She came around pulled up another chair.

Amira: “I can’t go to sleep. My ears still ring.”

Mayor Jackson chuckled quietly
As the fire in front of them blazed.

Mayor Jackson: “You did very well today Amira,
I was quite amazed.”

They laughed for another 15 minutes or so,
Relating the day’s events.
But then Mayor Jackson grew serious.

Mayor: “I need you to know what threat they present.
The Knights I mean, they’re not a noble order.
They share radical beliefs.
They believe that their god is the god of all people.
No matter who the people claim as chief.”

Amira: “Yeah, they seemed dangerous.
Why did they attack?”

Mayor: “I don’t know yet.
But I’ve got your back.”

Amira blushed and looked down a moment,
Thankful for all he had done.
But then she flashed back to the moment where her body
Had felt completely cold and numb.

Amira: “Earlier today, I had this feeling.
And I think I created a force field.”

Mayor: “Really?” The Mayor seemed caught off Guard.
“Well why keep it concealed?”

Amira: “Because it’s complete crazy talk, right?”

Mayor: “It’s just your imagination.
It’s making your past memories unclear,
To suppress your inner agitation.
Don’t worry about it. It’s completely normal
Following traumatic times.
Just go and get yourself to bed.
Let it all unwind.”

Amira kissed the Mayor’s cheek,
And headed up to bed.
But when she got into the room,
She found more than she expected.

3 Knights stood in her room spread out,
One grabbed her mouth from behind.
She tried to fight back as best she could,
But this plan was perfectly designed.
She suddenly felt tired and looked down to see
A needle in her arm.
She’d been drugged by Keri before.
It would take time to do full harm.

Just as she thought this,
Her bedroom window shattered.
Another knight came through the window,
With his swords drawn from their scabbards.

The three knights dropped her and went to attack.
And she felt that tunnel vision from before come back.
She hauled herself up and watched the melee.
The one who came through the window
Making short order of the day’s fray.

Amira: “William?” She asked, her legs unsteady.
The man scooped her onto his shoulder,

William: “I hope you’re ready.”

He leaped through the window,
And Amira had no doubt.
The man who had just kidnapped her was William.
Then she passed out.

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