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WWW1 – Heritage Of The Warrior

World Wide Warrior 1
(Heritage Of The Warrior)

Once in Jamaica,
Many moons ago,
A boy named Simeon was born to his parents,
The Silversmiths, Tallulah and Joe.
And when Simeon became a man,
He worked hard and pushed his might,
And one day made it into college,
To learn and to become bright.

Simeon took to history,
At his university,
And soon he majored in a unique field,
His mind would fill with fantastic tales,
Folklore, legend, and myth,
And he was determined to learn more about-
The things that made man tick.

When Simeon graduated,
He was sent to see
The ruins in the Arizona reservation
Known as Fort Apache.

When he arrived in Arizona
He met the family that-
He’d be staying with for quite a while,
And they took him into their flat.

The family was very kind to him,
Though he’d come from so very far,
And the patriarch of this Apache family,
Was a man named Itza-chu Starr.

Itza-Chu had a wife and two children,
One was already a man.
Itza-Chu prized his family like gold,
Like diamonds he valued his clan.

His wife was named Salali,
And she was Cherokee.
Her son was strong and very brave,
And his name was Nahari.
Then Itza-chu’s daughter,
Whose age was only 13,
Rayen was her given name,
And she had skin like a coffee bean.

For two months Simeon stayed in their home,
And Rayen cared for him well.
She listened to all of Simeon’s stories
And asked for more to tell.
But shortly after his second month,
The Starrs got dreadful news.
Nahari was drafted into the army,
To Vietnam stepped his boots.

Another two months went by
With Simeon winding down,
His stint of research on reservation,
He soon would leave this town.
But then The Starrs received a letter,
That caused them all to cry,
For in the war with Vietnam,
Nahari was shot and died.

Simeon stayed for a few days,
To help console his friends,
Then one day Itza-chu Starr took Simeon
Out to the reservation’s end.

Itza-chu: “My daughter is my lone heir now,
And I am increasing in age.
She is very fond of you, Simeon,
And it would not be a disgrace,
If you were simply to marry her,
I would give you a place to stay.
Please consider this option my son,
Please consider and pray.”

It only took a single night,
For Simeon to decide,
He married Rayen the next day,
Itza-chu was full of pride.

Then this story brings us,
To ten months after that,
When Rayen gave birth to their son, Jengo
And this is Jengo’s life track…

Jengo grew up as a normal boy,
As reservation kids go,
But he took a special liking to computers
In the early days when they were slow.

He grew up and went to college,
For Computer science and more,
He studied in England at Oxford,
And his grades earned him encores.

Then one day he met a girl,
Ariel Meadowlark by name.
She was excellent in history and literature,
Totally not his game.
They tutored each other and soon became,
More than simply just friends,
They met and married within 4 months,
They were a perfect blend.

They soon found out with DNA testing,
Their blood held near every race.
Celtic, Germanic and Asian, with Ariel,
And a whole lot more in that space.

Jengo held many a darker race,
Like African, Indian and more,
Like Arab, and Hispanic, and Polynesian,
Listing them all was a chore!

Then within their first two years,
They had a baby boy.
Braden Nahuel Silversmith
Was to them their pride and joy.

When Braden was only three years old,
Jengo and Ariel were asked,
To go on a missions trip with their Church,
And so they took Braden back,
To his grandparents in Fort Apache,
To watch him while they went,
But little did 3 year old Braden know,
His time with his parents was spent.

Over the Bermuda triangle,
His parents’ plane disappeared.
Braden was left to be raised by his grandparents.
But in wisdom he was reared.

Simeon taught Braden to love folklore.
He told him many tales,
Of Knights and Vikings, and Samurai,
Of Monsters and Dragons’ scales.

But once again When Braden was 11,
A plane met with disaster,
As it crashed into The World Trade Center,
And made him grow up faster.
But while all the world was crashing down,
Around the USA,
Braden and his grandmother were in Fort Apache,
Watching Simeon decay.

Cancer was taking him faster than they knew,
And before they reached the twelfth,
Simeon died in a hospital bed,
With no way left to help.

Rayen comforted Braden a while,
But then they had to move on,
She got a job teaching in LA,
So to California they were drawn.

She raised Braden alone for 9 years,
Maintaining love in their hearts.
She raised Braden to be a warrior,
And this is where our story truly starts…

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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