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ITR56 – A Deal Is Struck

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 56
(A Deal is Struck)

Jarvis: “I will not allow the whole of my command,
To be brought before Emperor Gryve!
For the only time Gryve brings many before him,
Very few of them ever leave.
We had no prior knowledge of this museum’s ownership-
Changing hands from the Yurters’ Parlay.
Allow me to release two thirds of my command.
My sargents and I will stay.”

Still Clyg smiled on,
He’d been smiling since they began.

Clyg: “You’re not then expecting me to release,
Your daughter and her friends, then?
Yes, Jarvis. I know she’s here.
We’ve been tracking her Sylvani friends.
Do not think they will slip past with the two-thirds.
They will be brought to Gryve for whatever end.”

Jarvis: “So… You’ve been toying with me.”

Clyg: “Hasn’t it been great fun?
I’ll let two-thirds of your troops go,
But the other crew will stay with the one.”

Jarvis: “Will you let me address my troops before they go?
In person, face to face?”

Clyg: “Of course, Jarvis. I’d ask the same of you,
Were you in my place.
A Commander must be to his troops a loving father.
Go now to them and bid peace.
For who knows what will happen when you-
Meet our Lord, Emperor Gryve?”

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