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GOA96 – Legend

Guardians Of Atlanta 96

Up and up Amy trudged,
Her thoughts within her spinning.
She gathered all the strength she had
To try and stop her sinning.

Amy: “I’m not moving another muscle, Jezebel!
This has got to stop!
I’m done being your little puppet-thing!
I want to serve Marlynn’s God!”

For a moment, there was silence inside her mind,
As Jezebel contemplated a response.
An echoey laugh rose from her depths.

Jezebel: “Your destiny is ensconced.
There is no way out, small one,
Though you fight with all your might,
I will be back to Harbingella tonight.”

Amy’s mind thrashed at the sound of the name,
And the others screamed in her ears.
Things like: “No! It may never be!”, ”Stop this right now!”,
And Amy’s eyes streamed hot tears.

Jezebel: “Oh, that’s right, you don’t know what will happen.
Well let me put your mind at ease.
I have a legend, it has my form in it.
It’s somewhat like a disease.
When people touch my legendary anklet
They turn into me.
All other personalities are cast out.
And then you will be free.”

Amy: “Where will I be if not in my body?”

Jezebel: “Who said this was yours to start with?
Couldn’t it be Diana’s? Mary’s? Or Belle’s?
Or Britney’s if you think about it?
You are nothing more than a quirk in a body
Designed to house what is me.
You are not a person, you do not have a soul.
Please, stop your foolish trickery.
you’re only fooling yourself if you think-
That that Freakshow could ever love you.
You’re nothing but dust. I am a legend.
And I live forever anew.”

Amy screamed and tried to fight
But Jezebel once more overtook,
The control of their body from Amy’s grasp
And pressed to the Mountain’s overlook.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! If you’d like to support what I’m doing, you can buy The Legend of Stone Mountain Part 2 in Book, eBook, Audiobook, and other formats here! (Coming Soon!)

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