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GOA86 – Don’t Panic

Guardians Of Atlanta 86
(Don’t Panic)

After some initial panic,
Especially on Marlynn’s part,
The Guardians set out to look for Amy
But they weren’t sure where to start.
They skulked through the woods
Just outside of view
Of all of Brock’s knights,
But Marlynn’s nervousness grew.

Marlynn: “I hope that she’s okay.”
Marlynn said with a sigh.

William: “We’ll find her, just keep quiet.
We just have to be sly.”

Meanwhile, further back in the line,
Amira and Cyrus talked.

Amira: “Cyrus, did you notice something weird about Amy?”

Cyrus: “Yeah. There was something that felt locked.
It was something very familiar
that I can’t seem to remember.”

Amira: “I get a similar feeling.
I can’t explain it either.”

Bobby poked his head between them.

Bobby: “You both are just paranoid.
Amy’s just some crazy lost girl.
Don’t let yourself get decoy-ed.
We have a mission here to do.”

Cyrus: “When did you get all business?”

Bobby: “I was just kidding. I feel it too.”

Amira: “Ugh. I knew she was suspicious!”

Just up ahead, Will spotted a figure,
And signaled for everyone to drop.
It wasn’t a knight from Brock’s force,
It was a woman with dingy hair like a mop.
Her robes were brown and covered in dirt,
And she beckoned them closer,
As if toned like a flirt.

Woman: “Come here children!
I wish to help you!”

Her voice pierced the air
Will knew she was askew.

Marlynn: “We have to run.”

William: “Run! Now!”
Will yelled in a voice great.

The Guardians turned around to run.
But this time, it was too late.

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