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GOA56 – The Guardians Of Atlanta

Guardians Of Atlanta 56
(The Guardians Of Atlanta)

After a solid month, of funerals and of grieving,
Forgiveness had set in, and the Knights were still believing.
All except those who went with Brock.
They remained on the run.
But it was the Knights’ prayer,
That they’d return and kiss The Son.

The Knights program under Alethea Church for a month had been suspended.
But it was relaunched upon Fenris’ insistence, and to probation it was amended.
Under Fenris’ watchful eye, the Knights could begin anew.
And William, Fortune, Bobby, and Cyrus, were all about to break-through.
By that I mean they were called together by that cunning one, Mr. H,
They were to meet his representatives, and receive their wage.
They gathered at the abandoned Church, William had lived in for a while
And soon a man and a woman entered in, both with broad, bright, smiles.

Man: “And here’s the four we came to see!” He stated with a New York accent,
“My name is Nick Tracer. And this is Layla Bonavent.”

Layla: “We’re proud of all you’ve done to protect, your city and your Church.
And so to thank you as kindly as we can, here for each of you is a purse.”

Layla, a Beautiful Moroccan true, gave them each their payment.
She then stepped back, and the slick-haired Nick continued his verbal raiment.

Nick: “Like Layla’s said, you’ve all done well. H would like to offer you a position.
First to Fortune. I believe, Layla’s got that.”

Layla: “I do indeed, Here is your mission.
Should you choose to accept it, Fortune, we need help back in England.
You may bring the 6 best Knights with you, who are not named “William.
You would be paid handsomely and would be, provided for in every way.
But if you agree, they’ll be no option.”

Nick: “What’s she’s saying is, we’re offering for you to lead “The Soldiers of Fortune.”

Nick snickered at his own joke and Fortune looked embarrassed.
She pushed her hair behind her ear, sighed, and then confessed

Fortune: “That really is a stupid name.”

Nick: “Come on! I think it’s clever!”

Fortune: “No. It isn’t. It’s a terrible name. But oh- I guess-… Whatever.
William, what do you think? Should I go or stay?”

William: “You’re my sister, Fortune, but I think this is the way-
In which you are called to go. People need your aid.”

Fortune nodded and hugged William,

Fortune: “I will not be afraid.”

She turned and smiled brightly, and with Layla left the Church.

Nick: “Well it seems Mr. H can finally end his search.
Not only for the job in England, but what I’m in charge of as well.
He’s been wanting a special task force in Atlanta,
To give the bad guys hell.

So far we’ve got Bobby and Cyrus. And they’re great, Will.
But we think they need a leader. And we think you fit the bill.”

William was taken aback, but could not help but smile.

Cyrus: “I agree with them William. We’d be stronger while-
You were the man in charge of us, and how we work united.”

Bobby: “And I agree with them, man. You haven’t been shortsighted.
Maybe a little tight in the pants. But that’s something I can live with.”

Cyrus: “And my family has already bought this Church building.
And I’ve named it something from myth.
The Castell is the name that I chose for this place.”

William: “Like ‘castle?’ in Welsh?”

Cyrus: “Is that a problem?”

William: “No. I think it’s great.”

Nick: “You’d be paid on a regular basis, and whatever you need’s on me.
So whaddya-say Will? This team’s captain, will you be?”

William: “So Guardians of Atlanta is what H wants?
I think I can do it. But let’s pray to God.
Ask his blessing on this new life’s age.”

Nick: “Go ahead, Captain. you’ve got the stage.”

They bowed their heads as William began.

William: “God thank you for your glorious plan.
Bless us as Guardians here in the South.
And bless this people to praise you not just with mouth-
But with heart also. Bring this city to it’s knees.
And make it yours God. Do whatever you please.
Heal us, and make us soldiers again.
Thank you for working in us.
In Jesus name, Amen.”

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