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GOA14 – Master And Student

Guardians Of Atlanta 14
(Master And Student)

Following the meeting, great fellowship was had,
All around the Church’s campus, Knights and Dames made glad.
Some would discuss Theology, others would dance and sing,
Still more would enjoy the feast and food, as joyfulness did ring.

In one corner off to the side, William engaged his Master,
On his reasonings against what Master Dodd eagerly sought after.

William: “Why did you oppose helping
Stone Mountain Park this time?
I couldn’t really follow your logic.”

Fenris: “The stars did not align.
Master Dodd has become very liberal-
In the battles we choose to fight.
Stone Mountain has The State’s resources
Why do they need our Knights?
He is so sincerely ready to help
I wonder if he will lead-
Us right over a cliff to help those below.”

William: “I see your point, indeed.
Well it appears that nonetheless-
We’re going to go and help.
What would you suggest we do?”

Fenris: “Keep our worries to ourselves.
There’s no sense in going against
What the elders did decide.
It’s not against God’s moral law-
And so we must abide.
Just keep your eyes peeled for anything strange,
And do the job you know best.”

William nodded and bowed to his master,
Holding his fist to his chest.

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